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Turning 30 in Krakow…

I recently turned 30. Another year. Another blog. This one might actually stick…

I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of hitting the big 3-0. I’ve only just settled in a career, I’ve not had children yet, although I did just get married. 30 feels so old.
I spent my 21st in Krakow, easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so returning for my 30th was an easy decision. The juxtaposition of beautiful architecture and dilapidated back streets, smeared with graffiti clearly appeals to many. The tourist industry must do almost as well as the Polish spray paint industry…

I’ve uploaded most of photos to my Flickr account, linked over here (somewhere…) —>

Here’s a selection, including Krakow city, the Museum of Natural History, and Auschwitz & Birkenau. Further available in my Flickr album:





Female, amateur photographer, Zoology graduate, perpetual dieter, inconsistent exercise 'fanatic', app fan, blogger. Finding inspiration, and hoping to provide it along the way...

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