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Germany’s answer to Centerparcs, and a bit of Berlin’s street art & taxidermy.

I am forever creating different blogs and then forgetting about them… Work takes over my life completely, so it’s taken me almost 3 months to edit and upload the photos that I took in Berlin this year.

Without a doubt, Berlin is one of the greatest cities I have visited so far in Europe. It’s quirks are offset brilliantly by the bleak feeling of some of the areas. The regeneration of the city is going well, scaffolding is everywhere, I hope it doesn’t lose it’s charm like areas of Manchester has when regenerated…

First stop was Tropical Islands in Brandenburg – it’s a strange place. It’s a bit like a German Centerparcs in an old zeppelin hangar. Very odd. That was followed by a couple of days in the centre of Berlin – memorials, museums and plenty of street art <3Again, I stuck to my 35mm lens for the whole holiday. I can’t see me straying from this lens, such a good all-rounder.

More photos from the trip are now on my Flickr, with non-watermarked prints available from my Etsy shop.




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