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Diana F: First medium format shots.

I’ve been after buying a Diana F+ for years… I came across a self-shot photoshoot in around 2004, where the model/photographer had used an old Holga camera. That whole world of old style, almost toy cameras, was completely new and Instagram didn’t even exist then (I went hell for leather on the X-Pro filter when Instagram was first released).

I’m not the world’s best photographer, so switching to film has always been a bit of a big deal. There’s no fixing it, and you’ve got to wait nearly a week to find out if your photos even worked out.

Last year I bought the Lomo Instant camera, which I love, but the photos are tiny so while cute, it takes a long time to cover a wall (I am almost there with my living room wall though!) and it’s so expensive to buy the Instax Mini film. It did give me a little bit of confidence though to switch to film. After pricing up a Lomo LC-A, I decided to go with the Diana F+ instead. The difference in price is about £250, so it’s a no brainer, £39 for the Diana is a bargain in comparison. No more having to Photoshop my photos to try and get that distinctive Lomo look, no more fake vignettes, no more X-Pro filters, all of the light leaks! ❤

When I unpacked it, I was amazed at how light it is. Honestly, kids toy cameras weigh more and they don’t even take real photos. The lack of battery, or any power supply for that matter, makes it feel like the slightest knock and it’s going to break into a million pieces but it’s so simple to use.

I’ve got to say though, this link really helped me out before I got going:

I took the Aperture tip a little bit too literally (judging slightly cloudy to overcast is clearly a skill, and I’m not a weather girl…), so a couple of photos, particularly the double exposure shots came out a bit overexposed but some of them are so lovely. The colours are beautiful, and they’ve a vintage grain to them which isn’t, and shouldn’t be, easily replicated with Photoshop.

For my first outing with a film camera since the days of disposables in high school, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. Another roll to follow next week…



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