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A very English holiday with Mama Marsden…

It’s been a pretty long time since I went on holiday with my mum. She’s a grafter and she does a lot for her kids, so this year me and the husband decided to take her on a weekend break for her birthday. After lots of back and forth on where to go (including cancelling a hotel in sunny north Ibiza), she decided that she’d like to give fossiling in Dorset a go, so we booked a caravan and headed down south.

We spent last Saturday on Charmouth beach, Jurassic Coast, with hammers and chisels hunting for fossils. Now, either we’re pretty shit at actually finding stuff, or all of the good stuff has gone. The weather was pretty awful, windy and a bit cold, but it didn’t rain so that’s always a bonus. We found a couple of small fossils, including some ammonites but what we did find was all a bit broken. Shame, but we had a great day nonetheless, I’d still recommend it.

Rather than heading out to another beach on Sunday for more fossiling, we drove 90 minutes along the coast to Torquay, a place I haven’t been since I was a teenager. We used to go to Torquay every summer when I was younger, and I suppose I never really appreciated it when everybody else was going to Majorca and Benidorm (I still haven’t been to Majorca or Benidorm, but now understand as an adult why my parents didn’t choose them for a family holiday).

I think I’ve grown to appreciate my surroundings since I started taking photographs. It’s not about finding “something to do”. I don’t need to hammer the 2p machines in the arcade like I did as a child. We walked around the harbour and the pier, and headed over to the pavilion which unfortunately has closed down – shame, I remember the independent vendors in there selling some cute stuff when I was a kid.

We ate… A lot. Oggy Oggy pasties are still as great as they were 20 years ago, as is Kelly’s rum & raisin ice cream. We then got the ferry over to Brixham where we had a proper Devon cream tea and walked around the fishing harbour. The whole weekend made for some great photo opportunities, little weekend breaks around the UK are certainly the way forward.

Oh, and Mama Marsden enjoyed herself too…

Selection of my photos are below, the rest are now on my Flickr.



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