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Travel Prep 101 (Mini Achievements!)

I did it again. I made the blog and then forgot to post, again… Life literally runs away from you as you get older, making it exceedingly hard to write. I’ve recently started my Masters in Science Communication and Public Engagement, so this on top of a full time job is meaning far less time to write than even before.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be writing a lot. I’m heading on a solo trip to Thailand in a couple of days for 9 days of diving off Koh Tao. I’ve never travelled long-haul solo before, so I’m hoping it’ll give me plenty of head space to get back into writing.

This weekend I dedicated an entire afternoon to packing. This is a massive achievement for me, I’m far more used to throwing everything in a bag the morning of my flight and hoping for the best! For this trip though, I’ve made spreadsheets galore to get myself organised and it’s worked an absolute treat! The list of dive gear that I’m taking is pretty extensive, so fitting this in my bag is, again, another achievement!

I’m not going to go into a long list of things I’ve packed, but I did take a few phone snaps including a very excited selfie of my new skin suit. Getting the opportunity to dive in something other than a drysuit (the UK is definitely too cold for a skin suit!) is insanely exciting!

Everything is planned out, including which cameras to take (4 cameras is definitely not excessive, right?). I’ve uploaded more photos to my Etsy shop too, which I’ll be keeping on top of while I’m away. Had a few queries re: print sizes over the past week or so, so will be taking this into account when I edit photos while I’m away.

Only 2 more sleeps to Thailand ❤




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