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Literally, the longest journey of my life…

Sitting here now, I think I’ve been awake for 33 solid hours. Insane. 

The journey to Koh Tao has been more tasking that I ever imagined, destroyed by my lack of ability to sleep on public transport. Definitely forgot about that bit. I understand why people pay for business class on long haul now. 

The journey started on Wednesday at 06:15. I think it’s now Thursday at 12:30, UK time. 

3 flights, 1 ferry, and a taxi. The definition of longness. Totally worth it. 

Flying from Dubai to Bangkok overnight meant I caught an amazing sunrise from the sky, something that I have never experienced. Seeing the sun rise through up through the clouds and over the wing of the plane was pretty spectacular. 

My next flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui made me realise just how good the water visibility is here. Being able to see the bottom of the sea from the sky… Again, amazing. 

The ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao was easily one of the best experiences of my life. Standing on the back of the ferry, sailing between tropical islands, I am amazed by the amount of greenery. I knew it was green, but I think I underestimated the place. The water sailing to Koh Tao is pristine, with the odd island with a sand bank beach… It’s my first experience of anywhere tropical and I completely understand why people choose to not leave. Met a guy who has been traveling round the world since December 2015, his views on everything in the world and why he’s packed everything to travel the world before it’s too late is something that really hit home with me. He’s seen so much in less than 12 months, I can’t imagine not doing that in my life. 

Before I hopped on the ferry, I sat watching the fishermen at Bangrak Pier, diving under the water to collect nets wearing normal clothing and no shoes. One guy was even wearing a hat. A full brimmed hat. It puts scuba diving to shame, they’re so adept at what they do, and they did it with a smile on their faces the whole time. A simple life is such a beautiful thing, taking away all of the unnecessary material items. I’d do it in a heartbeat to move here. 

But… Back to the diving. I’ve checked in at Roctopus dive, organised diving with Rachel which is amazing. So excited to see her after so long, although my lack of sleep probably didn’t convey my excitement well. Tomorrow,  we’re off to Chumphon Pinnacle, arguably the best dive site around Koh Tao. I’ve no idea what to expect, and that is making me nervous. I know I’m a good diver, but changing so many variables from UK diving to warm sea diving is completely terrifying. A bit of fear is good though, keeps you safe…

Phone photos below, will be updated on this every couple of days but “proper” photos won’t be on here until they’re edited for Flickr, probably about 3 months after I get home…

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