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Forever forgetful…

Life really does run away with itself… It’s been almost 4 months since I wrote anything, which seems completely mental. It doesn’t seem that long since my Thailand post.

I must admit, every now and then, I remember that this page exists and do mean to write more, but uni/work/life happened. Without life happening, however, it would be a very dull blog indeed (more so than it probably already is…).

The past few months I have concentrated on more holidays, more studying, more diving, and more cooking. I have succeeded at one.

Studying is a given. I have to do it. I’m not going to bang on about it. I love it, but I don’t think anybody is interested in the segmentation of society in public engagement, or the differences between the scientific method of Aristotle and Plato.

Cooking… Always a good blog subject. I am far more active on Instagram with cookery photos than I am on the blog. Minimalist Baker is my current favourite cookbook; with their help I have successfully made BBQ pulled jackfruit with avocado slaw and I have totally cracked scrambled tofu (ok – it’s curry spiced tofu, which is a strange concept to eat at 6:30am, but I’m working on it).

Travel and diving…

Our dive group booked a live aboard in Egypt in January to celebrate a couple of birthdays (my own included). Turkish Airlines and snow decided that they were just going to ruin it.

Because the British government haven’t restarted direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh yet (because Egypt is such a huge problem, but Turkey isn’t as far as world politics goes… Note: Sarcasm.), we had to fly via Istanbul.
Where it had snowed.
A lot.

Our flight to Istanbul was diverted to Samsun (never heard of it, had to figure out where we were on a map). Turkish Airlines nicely left us in a hotel for 3 days before giving us any information. They then tried to fly us back to Istanbul.
Where it was still snowing.
A lot.

Our flight to Istanbul was diverted to Izmir (seeing a pattern of incompetence here…), where they left us for 2 days in a hotel. With no information.
Eventually, after much polite kicking off, they put us on an emergency flight to Istanbul so we could come home to Manchester. You know, because those flights were totally fine with the snow… This was after spending the night sleeping on the floor of Istanbul airport.

Almost 6 days and about £1,000 out of pocket later, we were back where we started. Best birthday ever!


So it’s back to cooking and studying…

Relevant iPhone photos from the past couple of months: